Originally created 10/25/02

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT for some and a rave for others, but it's interesting that no radio stations in Augusta are broadcasting the World Series baseball games.

THIS IS A RANT for the Army Corps of Engineers. I read the other day where they are moving water from Hartwell to Thurmond. Did they check the bucket for holes? The lake is still dropping.

THIS IS A RANT going out to University Hospital. I understand it is planning to do away with the behavioral health system, a system that has been in place for about 30 or 40 years. I understand it is trying to save money. If this is taken away, I feel that it will be a big loss. This is probably something that needs to be discussed.

I WANT TO RAVE for everyone that doesn't RANT. My day is bad enough. Tell me about the good stuff around Augusta and not your petty problems.

I WATCHED WITH DISMAY as a local television station lamented the squalid conditions at the Richmond County Animal Control Shelter. They described the extreme overcrowding, the horrible stench and how a new building for the poor animals would be completed soon. Have any of the county commissioners visited the squalid conditions at the south Augusta health department? They are extremely overcrowded, understaffed and, yes, they too have a horrible stench! When will the poor humans get a new building?

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the single parent who said she does not have time to help her child with homework. She is one of the reasons why so many children are so far behind. The single mother should have thought about what it takes to be a good parent before she had a child. With an attitude like hers, her child will not be successful in school.

MY RANT IS, if Savannah can handle the crowd on St. Patrick's Day without shutting down, why can't Augusta handle the First Friday crowd without shutting the whole thing down? We have kids and teens ruining it for adults who want to be there to sell and/or enjoy the event.


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