Originally created 10/25/02

Burns has responded, Walker hasn't

It appears that Charles Walker Jr. is employing the "rope-a-dope" strategy by avoiding direct debate with Max Burns for the 12th District congressional seat. He has repeatedly declined such debates, and the Oct. 20 Chronicle reports that, while Max Burns responded to the paper's questionnaire on the issues, Mr. Walker declined to do so. This is inexcusable.

As a black, conservative independent, I make my choices based on facts that I develop from my own research, plus information gleaned from other sources, such as news reports and historical documents. What I hear from the candidates themselves carries a very heavy weight with me and while I have heard quite a lot of information from and about Max Burns, I have had precious little about Mr. Walker - except that regarding his family tree and his continuing insistence that he is not afraid to debate Max Burns.

I would have loved to see the candidates debate face to face. I believe the true character of the candidate would manifest itself in a public debate. The public deserves it and we should demand it.

Since the election is very soon and I have a lot of various candidates and races to consider, I think I can close the book on the 12th District now. I will support Max Burns for Congress, based on the facts that I agree with much of his philosophy and that I don't know enough about Charles Walker Jr.'s philosophy to make a determination.

Steven Lemon, Augusta


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