Originally created 10/25/02

Young possesses real leadership

In the years I've known Augusta Mayor Bob Young, I have been impressed with his positive mind-set, leadership and people skills.

He is fair, objective, compassionate and an astute listener. It's not hard to understand what makes him tick - he's a doer, not a talker. There is no political flimflam or hidden agenda. What he says is what he means.

Gifted with the ability to entertain various points of view and assimilate them in a clear, collaborative vision - he's able to rallies broad public support and spring into action.

It's leadership of the highest order, combined with selfless service devoted to the common good.

Were he the mayor of a normal city, one without a dysfunctional city commission, Mayor Young could work wonders. Unfortunately, that is not the case. We should not fault the mayor for the actions of a commission "Taliban," ill-suited to hold public office.

Rather, we should praise him for what he has been able to accomplish for Augusta during his first term - against all odds and a self-serving group of rogue commissioners, who seek absolute power.

Listening to his opponents in the mayor's race, I get the impression that each wants the opportunity to pursue their personal agendas.

Their campaigns are, for the most part, based on negative views. They criticize everyone and everything and offer nothing whatsoever constructive or worthwhile.

Mr. Young, on the other hand, maintains the high road and offers a positive vision of what Augusta can be - if we all work together.

It's not important that each of us agree with everything Mr. Young says or does, so long as we understand that he is trying to lead our city to a brighter day. We must play our part by returning him to office and electing city commissioners who share in that vision...

Sonny Pittman, Augusta

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