Originally created 10/25/02

Things politicians will never mention

Things politicians you are about to vote for will never mention:

The dangers of fossil fuels are ignored and now the air over America is so polluted the air is unsafe to breathe.

Population centers are so concentrated that the water you drink is from the same river the county upstream is dumping sewage in.

You received a $300 tax rebate and were happy, but now you have lost $34,000 from your investments.

After robbing Mexico in 1848 of Texas, California, Colorado, Utah and Nevada, then concocting another phony war with Spain in 1898, we seized Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Guam, etc. Add Panama to that, whose president is in prison in Florida.

When we think we are over being crazy, now we want to go 7,000 miles from our Monroe Doctrine and seize the oil in Iraq.

John S. Woodson, McCormick, S.C.


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