Originally created 10/25/02

Complaints of civil-rights 'violations' getting to be old excuse

Perhaps when the new dictionaries come out next year, they should include pictures of Laterrio Collins and his relatives beside the word "audacity."

It was reported in the Sept. 26 Augusta Chronicle that Mr. Collins was stopped by a policeman and told to get out of the car. As he got out, he pulled a Ruger 9mm handgun on the officer. After the deputy knocked the gun from Mr. Collins' hand, a fight between the two broke out. During the fight, Mr. Collins tried to take away the officer's hand gun and use it on him.

Now Mr. Collins and his relatives want to file a lawsuit against the police for excessive force because he was injured in the fight. He claims his civil rights were violated. What gall.

This man tries to shoot a deputy and when he is stopped from doing so, his "rights" are violated. Give me a break. It is exactly this kind of garbage that bogs down our legal system. He should be thankful that he was not killed during the fight.

And what about the deputy's rights? Weren't his civil rights violated when someone pointed a gun and tried to kill him?

So according to Mr. Collins and his relatives, any time a thug threatens a policeman with a gun, the policeman should not try to stop him but allow himself to be shot. News flash to anyone planning to pull a gun on a police officer: You just might get injured while being disarmed.

Crying that your civil rights are violated every time you get caught doing a crime is getting real old in this country.

Donny Gray, Augusta


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