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Prep picks

You know who gets the rawest deal during the fall? The softball, volleyball, cross country and soccer teams that have to compete with football for space in the newspaper.

Well, actually, there's no competition: Football will win out every time.

But this past week, I made up for lost time.

I covered Westminster soccer Monday, wrote about the Greenbrier-Lakeside volleyball game Tuesday and went to Greenbrier softball practice Wednesday.

That's because it's state playoff time - unfortunately for every non-football player, it's basically the only opportunity they'll have to get their names in the paper.

I feel bad we don't have the chance to cover them, especially considering the sports in winter and spring receive more balanced coverage.

But I can't feel too terrible. Besides, nobody would read my softball and volleyball picks each week.

My record from last week: 9-1

Overall: 59-13

WJBF Sports Director John Hart's record from last week: 8-2

Overall: 55-17

Jefferson County (0-6) at Harlem (5-2)

You've got to hate it for the Warriors. They're 0-6 and the fan support is waning, but they're not really that bad. Not 0-10 bad, at least. But cheer up Jefferson County supporters. After losing to Harlem, you'll have games against Richmond Academy and Josey. Both of those games are winnable.

My pick: Harlem 17, Jefferson County 10

John's pick: Harlem

Richmond Academy (2-4) at No. 8 Laney (6-1)

With J.K. Sabb and Rod Briscoe and a bunch of talent on Laney's side, the Wildcats should have competed for the Region 3-AAA title. With a loss to Washington County two weeks ago, that opportunity is likely gone. They'll have to settle for either the two or three seed.

My pick: Laney 27, Richmond Academy 12

John's pick: Laney

Jones County (1-6) at No. 1 Thomson (7-0)

Another week, another yawner for the Bulldogs.

My pick: Thomson 48, Jones County 10

John's pick: Thomson

Burke County (2-4) at Greenbrier (4-3)

Greenbrier has been in a tailspin. Losing to Jones County? If the Wolfpack can't beat Burke County, their season might as well be over.

My pick: Greenbrier 21, Burke County 14

John's pick: Burke County

No. 9 Westside (6-1) at Cross Creek (0-7)

After its loss to Washington County last week, Westside will have no problems with the Razorbacks.

My pick: Westside 35, Cross Creek 6

John's pick: Westside

No. 2 Screven County (7-0) at Swainsboro (3-4)

Swainsboro has finally played like Tigers fans expect. But the team is no match for underrated Screven County. No match at all.

My pick: Screven County 40, Swainsboro 17

John's pick: Screven County

South Aiken (6-2) at North Augusta (5-3)

After a hot start, the Thoroughbreds still could end up not making the playoffs. But a win against the Yellow Jackets could clinch that postseason spot.

My pick: South Aiken 27, North Augusta 21

John's pick: North Augusta

AC Flora (5-2) at Midland Valley (3-4)

Both teams are undefeated in region play. This game is tough to call, but the Mustangs will pull it out.

My pick: Midland Valley 17, AC Flora 13

John's pick: Midland Valley

No. 10 Allendale-Fairfax (6-1) at No. 8 Silver Bluff (4-3)

Allendale poses the most significant risk to the Bulldogs for the region title. But you have to remember: Silver Bluff doesn't lose to region opponents. That doesn't start tonight.

My pick: Silver Bluff 29, Allendale-Fairfax 21

John's pick: Silver Bluff

Lexington (3-4) at Aiken (4-4)

Lexington running back Demetrius Summers, meet the Aiken Hornets. Aiken, meet loss No. 5.

My pick: Lexington 38, Aiken 17

John's pick: Lexington

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