Originally created 10/15/02

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Ever since I was born

People have talked about me

They constantly remind me of my short-comings

And my insecurities

They tell me the things I need to stop

And the person I need to be,

But I won't listen to a word they say

Because this is me

Every day when I leave my house

There's someone who treats me bad

Every day someone succeeds,

In making me feel sad

Every night when I go to bed

I sometimes lay down and cry.

I sometimes feel that I am worthless

And give up when I really should try

But slowly I am learning to ignore

Those insensitive and hurtful remarks.

I know that I will prevail,

Because of the size of my compassionate heart

People tease me and jive me out,

Because of the "things" I sometimes see,

But I look at them and just laugh

Why? Because I am me.

Moses McGruder, 17, is a senior at T.W. Josey High School. He wrote Me as a reflection of some problems he was going through last year. He says the poem delivers a message of individuality and self-love.


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