Originally created 10/15/02

Colin Powell's book inspiring

The title may turn you off, but give this book a chance.

Secretary of State Colin Powell's My American Journey is both an inspiring and educational memoir that tells how life was for Mr. Powell during the years of segregation and racism.

I recently read this book for school and it was a good read. Mr. Powell is a very brave and courageous man who climbed the Army ranks to become who he is today. While he got stepped on and spit on just like everyone else, he's still a shining example of how you can become someone great even when you start with nothing.

And Mr. Powell did start with nothing. After growing up in a lower-middle class Harlem, N.Y., neighborhood , Mr. Powell ventured away from New York and saw what life was really like. His experiences with family, school and the military taught me a lot about how I should live my life, and I think I may be a better person because of some of his advice.

Teen Board Member Chelsea Smith, 14, is a freshman at John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet High School.


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