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Across the southeast

Attempt to rob mom sends man to prison

LARGO, Fla. - A man who held his mother at knifepoint while he forced her to withdraw money from her bank account has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Sidney Trimble, 42, pleaded guilty last week to charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and armed burglary.

Largo police arrested Mr. Trimble on Jan. 3 after a bank teller noticed his 68-year-old mother, Edith, acting strangely as she sat in the drive-through. The teller stalled and then saw Mrs. Trimble turn to her and mouth the words, "Call the police."

Officers arrived minutes later and arrested Mr. Trimble, who had been sitting in the passenger seat next to his mother.

Astronauts get to see handiwork unfurled

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -Astronauts aboard space shuttle Atlantis and the international space station got to see the results of their handiwork Sunday, with the rotation of brand new radiators.

The main event - the unfolding of one of the three exterior radiators - was put off until today, though, because of a fleeting electrical problem. A sensor was apparently too sensitive, and engineers needed extra time to reset the cutoff point for a potential short circuit.

"This is new hardware," Mission Control said, apologizing to the nine space fliers who had gathered at windows to watch the center radiator extend to its full 75 feet in length.

Instead, the astronauts observed as the folded-up radiators swung back and forth in unison on their rotating beam. The massive, elaborate air-conditioning system is part of the $390 million girder that was delivered and installed by Atlantis' crew last week.

Friends say witness can't be family killer

GREENSBORO, N.C. -Friends are vouching for the whereabouts of a former Rockingham County man whom police describe as a witness in the slaying of three members of a Virginia family.

Neighbors say their contacts with Garrison Storm Bowman in mid-August contradict suggestions that he could be involved in the triple homicide of Michael, Mary and 9-year-old Jennifer Short in nearby Bassett, Va.

Mr. Bowman, 66, is in custody in Yellowknife, Canada. On Friday, he was ordered deported on immigration charges stemming from a drunken-driving conviction in the United States.

His connection to the case has hinged on accusations by his former landlord that Mr. Bowman had threatened to kill a Virginia man who wouldn't follow through on a deal to move his mobile home. The landlord also reported seeing Mr. Bowman building a false bottom in his van and vanishing suddenly, leaving behind road maps of Virginia marked with the location of the Short house, according to court documents.


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