Originally created 10/14/02

Blasts pro-Palestine writer for calling U.S. a terrorist nation

While reading Harry Sellers' Oct. 4 letter, "Why attack Iraq when U.S., Israel are the real terrorists?", I could hardly contain myself. I am really dumbfounded as to why the writer, who obviously abhors his own country and has labeled it a "terrorist" nation, hasn't packed up and relocated to Palestine, which he apparently thinks is a model society.

I think he would fit in nicely. Perhaps he might even enlist some of his children into the elite corps of suicide bombers who systematically stalk Israeli civilians.

Mr. Sellers made mention of the fact that the United States had utilized weapons of mass destruction in wars past. This is true and, with the exception of nuclear bombs, most countries have used similar weapons at some point in time.

However, Mr. Sellers failed to share the fact that, since the Vietnam War, the United States has been at the forefront of a movement in the civilized world to find ways to conduct acts within the battlefield theater that minimize the loss of life to civilians and non-military targets.

The United States has fought on dozens of battlefields since Vietnam and at no time have we resorted to the use of weapons of mass destruction, even though such use would have undoubtedly served to spare the lives of some of our own military personnel.

And Mr. Seller's claim that Israel is a terrorist nation is without any basis whatsoever. Despite his claims to the contrary, Israel conducts its military endeavors in a very modest and restrained manner, considering that it's surrounded by a dozen hostile Arab nations that consistently murder its innocents by bullet and bomb. They have the ability to wipe their enemies off the map, yet they only send out a few troops and tanks to seek terrorist hide-outs in an effort stem the flow of suicide bombers, and this happens only in response to random bombing episodes which results in the deaths of innocent women and children ...

I would like to offer my assistance in helping the unappreciative, unpatriotic Mr. Sellers achieve a hasty exit from this continent at his earliest convenience.

Lawrence Smith, Augusta


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