Originally created 10/14/02

Skin color dominates local politics

As an avid daily reader of the editorial section of my Chronicle, the more obvious it has become to me that the dominating reality in local politics is skin color.

Qualifications of our leaders, their abilities to make sound financial decisions and genuine concerns for a prosperous community are meaningless trivialities. We can continue to pay for their mistakes, or we can make appropriate changes at polling stations.

Because of this political atmosphere we will never be anything other than a city that spends, spends, spends - with real priorities that affect everyone taking a back seat to issues of lesser racial importance. The handwriting has been on the political wall ever since the blessed, more efficient, tax-saving Consolidated Government Act was passed in 1995.

It's sad that voters in the unconsolidated areas of the county believed the propaganda being disseminated regarding the greatness of government togetherness, or they just remained at home and did not go to vote.

At present, in the letters to the editor, our citizens are "singing out," and their songs contain lyrics which include racial overtures. Unless we can unite, break the cycle of racial preferences and vote instead for quality in politics by electing those best qualified to lead us, we have merely skimmed the surface of future, unnecessary taxation.

In layman's terms, "weed out the worms" or "dish out the dough." Then we will save tax dollars and prosper equally together.

Douglas Neal Sr., Augusta

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