Originally created 10/14/02

Discussion of reparations continues

Regarding R. Rector's Sept. 19 letter, "Reparations have already been paid."

She feels whites should receive reparations from black people for the cost of years of welfare, illiteracy, drive-by shootings and increased police forces. These statements illustrate pure ignorance.

I am a black woman who has a masters degree in public health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I was accepted at UNC, not because of affirmative action, but because I worked hard to graduate cum laude from Spelman College with a bachelor of science in biology in order to get there.

While studying for my public health degree (which I earned with honors), I learned that the average welfare recipient is a white woman, and there are more illiterate whites than blacks in this country. The fact that there are more whites in the U.S. population than blacks is a contributing factor.

Regarding drive-by shootings, what about incidents like Columbine or the Oklahoma City bombings where white men have killed dozens or hundreds of people at a time? Or what about the damage done by serial killers, who are mostly white men? Societal ruffians are from every race.

Concerning increased police forces and lower standards, blacks are disproportionately indicted and sentenced to longer prison terms than the average white person arrested for the same crime.

Racial profiling is a concern for every black man I know - educated or not. This contributes to larger numbers of blacks in the judicial system. As far as lower standards go, I see that in any race. American standards, morals and ethical values overall have diminished.

Racism is going to continue to run rampant in this country as long as people remain uneducated about these issues.

Angela Powell, Augusta


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