Originally created 09/26/02

Xtreme writer sets a good example

I was encouraged by Melanie Killingsworth's viewpoints in her Sept. 10 article, "Getting rid of God helps the terrorists."

The Xtreme writer is correct in her assessment of the current state of the nation (a turning back toward God), the majority of the nation's reaction to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks (the tragedies caused us to turn to each other, reach out to each other, support each other) and the source of rising violence in our homes, schools, communities, etc.

She is also correct about the Constitution's position concerning religion, and she quotes the Constitution to prove her accuracy.

Unfortunately, there exist people who put the "Clinton spin" on facts in order to manipulate public opinion so that they may reap the benefits of the lies they force down our throats. Americans have grown wise to these tricks and no longer wish to be force-fed. This awareness is evidenced by the ousting of the Clintons and a switch to the total opposite - President George W. Bush.

I'm proud to know that some of our young people (like Ms. Killingsworth) are not fooled by the Clinton spin, like so many adults were.

Amy Atwell, North Augusta, S.C.


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