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Courses seek Regions entry

Two courses have made it known they'd like to be part of the popular Regions Cup golf tournament series in 2003.

While there's room for them on the spring/summer tournament schedule, especially in May and June, it's uncertain whether they'll be approved.

North Augusta's River Golf Club, which held a Regions Cup event in 2000, is interested in returning to the series. And the Augusta Golf Course, which has made tremendous strides in its conditioning, wants to debut in the series with a match-play format.

If both events were approved, that would give the series 11 tournaments for nonseniors and 12 for seniors.

Since the Regions Cup started in 1988, the most nonsenior tournaments in one season was 10, in 2000.

Regions Cup officials are concerned that adding new tournaments will "price out" some golfers and could hurt established tournaments when players have to pick and choose between events.

The handful of nonseniors who played all nine events this season paid out $895 in entry fees. The seniors who played in all 10 paid $1,015.

The decision on new events will be made by Jimmy Rigsby of the series' sponsor, Regions Bank, and Steve Foss, the Regions Cup executive director. The schedule is normally released in late January.

River Golf Club dropped its Regions Cup event after 2000 because it already had a NGA/Hooters Tour event and was hoping to land an LPGA Tour event. The club didn't get the LPGA event and the Hooters Tour event is moving to Savannah Lakes Golf Club after three years at River Golf Club.

"Yeah, I definitely think next year we would be interested in hosting a Regions Cup event," River Golf Club pro Chris Verdery said. "The Regions Cup in general is well received in the community and I think we would be glad to host an event and the players would enjoy our facility."

The Augusta Golf Course envisions having a three-day match play event. According to head pro Guy Reid, there would be an 18-hole stroke play qualifier Friday. The field would then be broken into 16-man flights. They would play two matches Saturday. The semifinals and finals would be Sunday.

"Our course is suited to play 36 holes," Reid said of the compact course. "People wouldn't be exhausted."

Reid has waited for the conditioning of the course to improve before making a bid to get into the Regions Cup.

"I feel comfortable hosting something like this; I'm not concerned with the course," Reid said. "It's good to see new faces at your business; now I'm seeing those new faces return."

ACES, PART II: Because of the large number of holes-in-one recently, the listing of aces at area courses has been broken into three parts. The final listing will appear in next week's column.


  • Brad Hall, No. 5, 89 yards, gap wedge. Witnesses: Brandon Martin and Jennifer Boyd.
  • Brian Lafferty, No. 5, pitching wedge.
  • Bill Dowd, No. 8, 8-iron. Witnesses: Bob Kimmel and Mike Lehrhaupt.
  • Harold Walker, No. 16, 5-wood. Witnesses: Dave Isiminger, James Pier and Ray Glinsky.
  • Brian Lafferty, No. 5, pitching wedge.

  • Ray Lundquist, No. 13, pitching wedge. Witnesses: Bob Przybysz, Brooks Webster and Harold Thornton.
  • Butch Tiller, No. 13, 7-iron. Witnesses: Jerry McGee, Ferrell Ivey and Tommy Padgett.
  • Ed Payne, No. 6, 7-iron, in the Midland Valley Senior Invitational. Witnesses: Bobby Gause, E.G. Meybohm.

  • Bryan Willingham, No. 3, 4-iron. Witnesses: Drew Blackston and Drew McNeal.
  • Pat Ellis, No. 3, 5-iron. Witnesses: J.R. Riggs, Robby Grandle and Lance Thomas.
  • Donna Wynens, No. 3, 7-wood. Witnesses: Dee Dee Howard and Nancy Worsham.
  • Tom Kite, No. 7, 5-iron. Witnesses: Dustin Gay, Bill Gay and Matt Anderson.

  • Kilby Harris, No. 7, 8-iron. Witnesses: Jared Gay, Ed Scarborough and Kelly Rankin.
  • Shay Sonnenberg, age 14, No. 14, 4-iron. Witnesses: Robert Kropp, Graham Fletcher and Les Sonnenberg.
  • Phil Wetherington, No. 13, 7-wood. Witnesses: Derrell Bragg, George Stewart and Cory Clark.
  • Lloyd Hayes, No. 13, 5-iron. Witnesses: Steve Katz and Dave Frank.
  • Franklin Sheehan, No. 17, pitching wedge. Witnesses: Scott Purdy, John Siple and Ken McGee.
  • Hal Moore, No. 17, 8-iron. Witnesses: John Hurd and Ricky Hurd.
  • Angela McGowan, No. 17. Witnesses: Bob Minchow and George McGowan.

  • Hollis Reasons, No. 14, 7-iron. Witnesses: John Bush, Frank Chambers, Bob Fanning.
  • Jim Thomas, No. 14, 9-wood. Witnesses: Leonard New, Donnie Miller and Pat Sherlock.
  • Adam Yu, No. 17, 7-iron. Witness: Chu Young.

  • Charles King, No. 4, pitching wedge. Witness: Kenneth King.
  • Bill Waters, No. 4, sand wedge. Witnesses: Art Touchstone, Sam Newman and Doug King.
  • Yolanda McCloud, No. 6, 6-iron. Witness: Irvin Wooden.
  • Dustin Lanier, No. 14, 8-iron. Witness: Nicholas DesRocher.

  • Sam Howard, No. 3, 9-iron. Witness: Ted Strippling.
  • Jim Jelhart, No. 3, pitching wedge. Witnesses: Wayne Jackson, Kyle Josey, Brey Homeymichael and John Mabery.
  • Phillip Miller, No. 3, 6-iron. Witness: Tim Dzernack.
  • Jerry Dunbar, No. 7, 6-iron. Witnesses: Billy Carter, Tracy Carter and Jim Harbey.

  • W. Skip Fowler, No. 17, 5-iron. Witness: Michael Rogers.
  • George Bailey, No. 17, 5-iron. Witnesses: Herbert Edney and Morgan Garcia.

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