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Full text of Robert Atkins' letter

Editors note:

The following is the full text of a letter from Robert Atkins, written in response to a letter from Augusta Chronicle reporter, Matthew Boedy. Mr. Atkins is a Georgia state prisoner suspected in the Aug. 4, 2000 rape and slaying of Aiken teen-ager Jessica Carpenter. Although the letter's page numbers have been removed, the text is complete with spelling and punctuation errors intact. The reporter's questions are in boldface.

Robert F. Atkins
EF#496202 3-D-6
Georgia State Prison
Reidsville, Georgia 30453

September 11th 2002

Mr. Boedy,

I am writing to answer your questions to the best of my ability. Your questions will be in red ink and my answers in black ink so let me go ahead and get started.

1. What was your first reaction when Aiken investigators said they had your DNA at the crime scene? At first I was in shock, but then as well as now, I'm glad that the running & hidding is over.

2. When you were put back in prison on the probation violation in April and had to give up your DNA later in August, did you think then you would get pegged for the Aiken murder? No, I did not.

3. If you did commit the murder, would you like to say anything to the victim's family? First I'd like to say that I am very, very sorry. I'd like to say that I wish there was some way that I could undo the terrible thing that was done on that most sad day. I would like to ask for their forgiveness.

4. Prosecutors have not decided if they will seek the death penalty against you. Again, if you did commit the crime, do you think that is a punishment you deserve? Yes, I do. Matter of fact, even if the prosecutors do not seek the death penalty, I'll push for it.

5. Tell me about your childhood. Where in Florida did you grow up? (I have lived in the Panhandle and Gainsville.) What do you remember about Macon? I grew up in Tampa Florida (where I was born), Panama City and Gainsville Florida. About Macon!? I remember living with both of my parents. Then moving back to Panama City Florida where my mother and father went threw their divorce. I remember threw the years living with one then the other parent. Throughout the year, moving from one town to the next. Not living in any one place long enough to make any real friends.

6. How did you come to meet the Aiken girl? Did you know her name? Why rape? Did you deliver to her house that day, that week? I meet the young lady just a few days prior to the crime when I made a delivery to her house at the time of the crime. No I did not know her name. True enough, she was a very nice looking young lady. As to this part of the question, I do not know. I sit in my cell day after day and ask myself "Why?" But as of right now I do not remember rapping the young lady or of hurting her. Once again I'm sorry and no I did not deliver to her that day but it could have been either that week or the one before. I'm not real sure.

7. If you did commit the murder, where did you go afterward? Back home to Milledgeville? or to your Wrightsboro Rd. address? Well, I finished my work route like nothing had happened. And after work, yes I did go home but not to Milledgeville or the Wrightsboro Rd. address. I was living in a trailer in a trailer park on Whiskey Rd in Grovetown with my wife.

Now, I have answered your questions. Now, I have one request. Any thing that you or your paper has printed about me or plan on printing about me, I request that a copy of it of the paper with said artical be sent to me so that I may read what is being or has been said about me.

Thank You

Mr. Robert F. Atkins


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