Originally created 09/18/02

Many ways to pay reparations

What are reparations? Does anybody deserve them? Does the government owe them to anybody? The answer is yes. The next question is, to whom and why?

During the Civil War, the North put a blockade on all ports. No cotton could get out, so bales of cotton just sat in sheds. After the Civil War, the cotton was shipped to Europe and sold by the North.

South Carolina was the second richest state in the Union. Just about all the wealth was taken by carpetbaggers from the North. Their companies are rich today from what was carried back up North.

The nation's economy was poor after the Civil War. Cotton from the South was sold and put in the Treasury. Poor whites and slaves worked in cotton fields and were never paid for it. So you do owe them.

Now, the next question. How do you pay them? We've got people in South Carolina living on less than $500 per month. Increase their incomes $1,500 per month. Give the states enough money to catch up with the rest of the nation in education. There are many ways the poor can be paid.

Chlody Meadows, Beech Island, S.C.

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