Originally created 09/18/02

Keep the facts straight on evolution

I take issue with a few points in Hubert Baker's Sept. 2 letter, "There is only one truth in the debate over evolution."

First, the evolution of one species into another is not detectable because the length of time for this process far exceeds anyone's lifetime. However, the physiological cause of this descent is discernible.

The process of evolution is not in going to bed one night as a chimpanzee and waking up the next morning as a human. It occurs at the genetic level. The evidence for evolution is microscopic; that is, subtle changes over time in species genome via chromosomal alterations precipitated by mutations. These changes are observable, are provable and are fact.

The second point is the erroneous statement referring to Adolf Hitler as an "ardent evolutionist." Hitler, by his own accord, was a devout Catholic throughout his entire life and did not believe in evolution.

He believed that Aryans were the original inhabitants of the Garden of Eden, that the Jews were the incarnation of Satan and that race-mixing was the original sin.

Additionally, according to Mein Kampf, Hitler was convinced that he was acting in the name of God: "By fighting off the Jews, I am doing the Lord's work." The belt buckles of some Nazi soldiers were even inscribed, "Gott Mit Uns" (God is with us). Those are the facts.

I realize that none of what I have said will go far in resolving any debate over evolution and theology. I only ask that whatever one believes, one makes certain that all the facts are straight.

Joshua Rice, Lincolnton, Ga.

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