Originally created 09/18/02

Cross-teach creation and evolution

On Aug. 20, Chronicle columnist Cal Thomas reviewed the Cobb County School Board's decision to allow both the creation and evolution descriptions "of the origin of the human race."

His argument for teaching both views seems flawless. This, in itself, makes it difficult to understand why he chose inflammatory language to convey his message.

The clarity of his argument raises an equally clear question: If it is imperative to teach religious convictions in science classes, why is it not equally imperative to teach scientific convictions in religion classes?

The needless warfare between science and religion (especially Christian) has been going on for centuries. Maybe it would subside if each side would listen to the rationale of the other. Then, resolution of minor arguments might result, and significant thinking might move on to promote the great principles of Christianity, among which is peace.

Joseph B. Harris, Washington, Ga.


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