Originally created 09/18/02

Blacks get silver platter treatment

White people did not invent slavery. It's not like we were just sitting around one day and decided to own black folks. We did not just go over to Africa and snatch them all up. They were sold by their own people from a land where they were already slaves. If anything, they should be grateful they are here. Even if reparations pass, they still won't be happy.

Regarding the so-called college-educated woman, Nicole Ball, who wrote the Sept. 7 letter, "Why blacks deserve reparations," I wonder if she went to college on her grades, or if it was the points she got for being black. If that's the case, I bet she's happy she took a white person's place in college.

I hope she understands that if a white man and black man went for the same job, and the white had five years experience and the black had none, the black man would get the job. I work with some blacks who work as hard as anyone else, but how do people expect whites and blacks to come together when everything is handed to blacks on a silver platter?

I just want to say stop crying for free money. If blacks want money, they should go out and work for it, because white folks will only be pushed so far.

Brian S. Borren, Augusta

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