Originally created 09/18/02

Augustan says 'adieu' to visitor

Regarding the Sept. 1 letter by Gerald Hyman of Mt. Kisco, N.Y., "Visitor to Augusta shocked by column on religion."

This column was written specifically for people like Mr. Hyman, so that he could be shocked and hurry back to New York. It is something that liberals need to deal with, called freedom of expression.

I think it has to do with the First Amendment. Freedom is allowed to all - not just those who agree with Mr. Hyman's views. And who is he to interpret biblical writings? Yes, Southern Baptists are, by their nature, conservative. They preach God's word - not some politically correct view of the Bible.

I have attended many a church where the sermons were watered down, "you really shouldn't" speeches. They don't want to offend adulterers and thieves and the other assorted behaviors that this society has come to accept. God put out commandments, not suggestions.

Mr. Hyman says that Rev. Todd Upchurch's behavior is hateful dribble, yet he couldn't wait to get back to New York to show his friends how backward, hateful and intolerant we Southern hicks are. Mr. Hyman should check out his Bible. He will see a passage, "Judge not, that ye be not judged." (Matthew 7:1)

And one last thing: We actually need these kinds of columns at the end of the summer. We have found in the past that way too many liberal Northerners are wanting to winter here, so it's nice to have these columns in the paper so they will be shocked and have to go show their friends how shocked they are.

As Lewis Grizzard use to say, "If things are so great in New York, Delta's ready when you are - have you back there by dark."

Randall K. Faulkner, Augusta


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