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Girl should confront friend who's flirting with boyfriend

THIS WEEK'S PROBLEM: One of my friends has never really had a boyfriend, and she's been asking me to help her find one. Now she's hitting on my boyfriend. What should I do? - 13-year-old Augusta girl.

Here's what you had to say:

  • Tell that girl to stop hitting on your boyfriend and get her own.
  • Tell your friend you'll be glad to help her find a boyfriend. If she's still hitting on your man, talk with her and make sure she knows that you know what she's doing. If she still messes with him, tell her to step off.
  • Tell her to stop flirting or face the consequences. Your friend wouldn't be doing that to you if she is a real friend. I say dump her. If your boyfriend is flirting back, then leave him, too.
  • Sit down and talk to your friend and let her know that your man is off-limits. She really doesn't have to break her neck to find a boyfriend. If it's meant for her to have one, she'll find one on her own.
  • Xtreme reporter Jennifer Hilliard says: Chances are your friend doesn't even realize her behavior bothers you. She may not realize she's doing it.

    It's also possible that what you interpret as flirting may be very innocent.

    Be up front and talk to your friend. Ask her about her actions. Does she really like your boyfriend? If so, make it clear that you don't appreciate the flirting and also point out that if she was really your friend, she would respect you enough to know that your boyfriend is off limits.

    But be careful and be sure that's what it is. By accusing her without knowing for sure, you could risk losing a friend and a boyfriend.

    Talk to your boyfriend and see if he's noticed the come-ons. He may tell you that they are just friends or that he's not even attracted to her, which may put your mind at ease.


    I'm big and people pick on me in middle school because of it. What should I do about it? I want to loose weight but I can't.

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