Originally created 09/17/02

George 'Wreck' Bush ruining nation with ineptness, inaction

Political pundits have suggested many meanings for the "W" in President George W. Bush's name. Well, I believe the best word to describe "W" is "wreck."

Ever since he stole the presidential election, he has made a wreck of everything - either by his inept actions or inactions.

He has wrecked the booming economy that he inherited from former President Bill Clinton - an economy that erased the annual deficits and was even paying down the national debt.

Mr. Bush has wrecked the Middle East peace process. Mr. Clinton laid the groundwork for further peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians, but Mr. Bush took no initiative in the Middle East until it exploded into the mess we have today.

Now, in an effort to save the fall elections for the Republicans, he is trying to distract everyone's attention by saber-rattling over Iraq.

Mr. Bush wants to wreck Social Security through privatization. He wants to wreck the public school system with vouchers, and he wants to wreck separation of church and state with his so-called faith-based initiative.

The only difference between the wreck of the SS Bush and the wreck of the Titanic is that the Titanic had a band.

After nearly two years in office, Mr. Bush still has trouble making a sensible sentence. I wonder if that's because he is just like "Daddy" Bush; they were each born with a silver foot in their mouths.

Anne Cook, Augusta


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