Originally created 09/17/02

Slavery is history; keep it there

As a young, college-educated white female I was appalled after reading Nicole Ball's letter on Sept. 7, "Why blacks deserve reparations."

I find it interesting when I read, "We were forced to watch our mothers have sex with your forefathers." She makes it sound like she and her parents experienced this. I have to give her credit for acknowledging that it was our forefathers.

I believe that we all must remember our history. When it comes to how black slaves were brought to America, it was by a black business-owner from Africa. He took her (I'm sure she remembers this from her personal experience) from her family and thrust her into an unknown way of life. He brought her (or, as I would say, her ancestors) over here, and I'm sure he became a very rich man. If she wants reparations, I believe that it should come from him (or his ancestors) or Africa.

Slavery was a terrible part of history, the key word being history. It didn't start with African-Americans; it's dated back as far as the Bible.

African-Americans were not the only group of people left out of the Declaration of Independence. Women, in general, have had to fight for where we are now. Instead of living in the past, I stand here proud of where we are today and how far we have come.

Some of my ancestors lost their lives so Ms. Ball's ancestors could gain their freedom. ... This is not a perfect world, and no one can claim to be a perfect person. I feel proud to call myself an American because of our rights compared to other countries. We can't live in the past forever. We can learn from the past and tell our history, but the past is just that - history. We cannot change our history. ...

Hope Carroll, Jackson, S.C.


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