Originally created 09/17/02

Back on right route

Area bus riders will be better served starting Oct. 1 when Aiken and Richmond counties' transit systems coordinate their routes, allowing passengers to travel back and forth between Augusta, North Augusta, the city of Aiken and points in between.

This is the kind of interstate cooperation we need among Savannah River area communities. It makes no sense to have bus service stop at the river's edge when so many region residents have business, family or friends on both sides of the river. Even the federal government is to be commended for taking steps to encourage the new connection, which is likely to run across the 13th Street Bridge between transfer stations.

Augusta Mayor Bob Young, working out the details with North Augusta Mayor Lark Jones, describes the new arrangement as "the dawn of a new era." He should amend that. It's actually the dawn of an old era. The two cities were connected by transit until 40 years ago when they broke it off.

In any event, Young is right that making transportation smoother throughout the CSRA is good for business and good for commerce - contributing to the goal of creating a seamless community. That goal will be further advanced with completion of the Bobby Jones Expressway on the Carolina side of the river.


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