Originally created 09/08/02

Woman blasts NCWO chief Burk for attack on golf club

Regarding National Council of Women's Organizations chairwoman Martha Burk's stand on women's inability to join the Augusta National: I'm amazed that she represents this fine women's organization in such a manner.

We are not a society which guarantees each member has the same exact opportunities ...

I believe in women's rights to have their own organizations which look out for their interests, just as I believe men have the same rights to belong to a golf club exclusively for them. This may seem childish to Ms. Burk, but so is her attempt to bully the Augusta National into accepting women as members.

Because women can't join the Augusta National doesn't mean they can't follow their dreams or find their own new opportunities. Membership will not provide world peace, or help women to live longer and it will not convince any man that a woman is just as good a golfer as Tiger Woods.

Ms. Burk embarrasses herself and her gender by crying out over such an issue when there are so many more important matters to champion.

Ms. Burk pouts and stomps, making statements regarding the Masters that are not true - with the hope that all the politically correct people of the world will cry foul and Hootie Johnson will be forced to do the "right thing."

Ms. Burk was quoted by the Associated Press as saying, "This is like Custer's last stand. Eventually, this is going to happen. Why doesn't he do it with grace and style?"

Why doesn't she practice that grace and style herself when representing the NCWO?

I like being a woman. I like that I'm different than the men in my life. I want to continue this way...

This time, I hope to see Ms. Burk, fail - and fail miserably.

Tara Hill, Evans, Ga.


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