Originally created 09/08/02

Effort will damage area charities

Martha Burk, chairwoman of the National Council of Women's Organizations, sure did the Augusta area - and probably a lot of charities - wrong by starting this mess with the Augusta National and Hootie Johnson.

The money that will be used to telecast the Masters tournament will undoubtedly take away from some of the donations to local and other charities that will sure miss the money. This is a shame. If Coca-Cola and IBM had doubts, then I will have my doubts about using their products.

There are a lot of organizations that are much older than the Augusta National that do not allow women into them. Why did she not start with them? To list a few: the Masons, that have organizations around the world; the Roman Catholic Church, which only ordains men into priesthood; most Baptist churches, that allow only men to be deacons; and most men's fellowships at churches, etc. This list could go on and on...

I am glad that Mr. Johnson is holding out. Ms. Burk is probably the chairwoman of the organization for the money, anyway.

Women have their private clubs. Maybe we men should look around and find one and raise a stink about that. This is silly, isn't it? And what Ms. Burk is doing is silly and foolish, also.

Hooray, for Hootie Johnson and members of the Augusta National. May they hold out forever.

Eugene Howard, Jackson, S.C.


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