Originally created 09/08/02

Why Augusta National can't win

The recent demands of the National Council of Women's Organizations have placed the Augusta National Golf Club in a virtually indefensible position. By demanding that women be asked to join the membership, they have opened a situation that the golf club cannot win.

The Augusta National is and always has been a private club. That by itself gives them total control over whom they wish to be members.

If Augusta National members do vote to ask a woman to join, it will be claimed by the NCWO that the members were forced into something they did not want to do, regardless of their real reason for doing so.

If the members do not ask a woman to join, it will be claimed by the NCWO that "those nasty boys won't let us join their club." That's a no-win situation for the golf club members.

I am not a member of the club, but I support their wishes to be autonomous in selecting whom they want to be members. I also support Hootie Johnson's decision not to have sponsors for the upcoming Masters tournament in order to spare them the one-sided demands of a group not even related to them or their views.

Jerry M. O'Connor, Augusta


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