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United Way launches campaign

NORTH AUGUSTA - United Way organizers took an audience through 50 years of the United Way on Friday, dancing their way through the fads and trends of each decade.

The choreography was part of the United Way of Aiken County's 2002 campaign kickoff at the North Augusta Community Center.

There were bobby-soxers and hippies, yuppies and Gen-Xer's.

"I know of no other organization that could make grown folks do what I've just witnessed," said William Price, the first vice chairman of the campaign cabinet. "Only in the name of serving our community."

The organization announced a campaign goal of $2,753,960 - only slightly above its 2001 goal of $2,712,000. United Way exceeded that by $221,000.

The goal was raised in accordance with an increased request for funding, up 13.4 percent this year, said Chris Slaughter, the director of marketing.

Organized in Aiken County in 1952 by Sen. Strom Thurmond, the local United Way has grown from nine agencies to 32 nonprofit organizations with more than 60 programs offered to residents.

"The campaign goal is a financial one. It's something we put on thermometers. It's not the real goal," said campaign chairman Dan Wood. "The real goal is to go out into the community and find every story that is out there."

Jackie Kane, a loaned executive from Wackenhut Services Inc., said she began to make calls Thursday in an effort to set up employee campaigns in the workplace.

She and the other four loaned executives each have 60 accounts and 56 days left to work.

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United Way of Aiken County's 2002 campaign will run until Nov. 1. This year's goal is $2,753,960.


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