Originally created 09/01/02

Light candles to remember victims

What is a luminous candle? It is a sack the size of a brown lunch bag, only it is lined, and you put a little sand and a small candle in it.

Back in my hometown of Jacksonville, Fla., every Christmas Eve all the neighbors line their curbs with luminous candles. Then when it turns dark, my family gets in the car and rides through their neighborhood with their parking lights on, and it is a very beautiful sight - to see all the candles down every street.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could start a nationwide campaign by way of the Internet to get everyone to light these candles around 9 p.m. on Sept. 11, in remembrance of all who perished on that sad September morn?

If you live on a busy street, you can line your driveway, sidewalk or porch. It only takes about 10 bags. I'm not sure where you can get the bags; maybe some place that sells candles.

I only hope people don't become greedy selling luminous bags, like they did selling the American flags. It's a shame when people stand on street corners vending from a tragedy against our country.

Glenda Edwards, Martinez, Ga.


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