Originally created 09/01/02

Secular state of the United States

The United States has many problems. The first is having gotten away from our Christian beginnings, individually and nationally. We are trying to remove God from the government and our schools, and largely succeeding.

The Founding Fathers were over 95 percent Christian. The first Bible printed in the United States was by order of Congress before 1795, and the authorization indicated it was for use in the schools.

On a secular level, our chief problems are our surrender of sovereignty to the World Court, World Trade Organization and subsidiaries of the United Nations.

For example, Strobe Talbott, recent undersecretary of state, said, "Nationhood will be obsolete. All states will recognize a single global authority. National sovereignty was not such a great idea." He said he rejoiced in the coming "birth of the global nation."

Yielding sovereignty means surrendering our independence. We will have to answer to the United Nations, and other world bodies.

The U.N. has already formed the International Court of Criminal Justice. That court claims its power over all nations ... By its charter, it can indict and put on trial any citizen of any country on Earth, including those of the United States ...

The second secular danger to the United States is our torrent of immigration, both legal and illegal. Legal immigration is about 800,000 per year, and illegal immigration is 500,000 per year or more. Over 80 percent are from Third World nations, chiefly Mexico, but also Haiti and Central America.

Our leaders want to get the Hispanic vote, therefore they let in more Mexicans, and are not vigorous in deporting the illegals. Even if we had only the legal immigrants, that would be too many - 700,000 a year.

Through amnesties and "family reunions," we have "chain immigration." Our politicians are selling out and demoralizing our country by this immigration - just to get votes ...

As Christians, we want to help the downtrodden of other nations without destroying our nation, as we know it, and destroying the very qualities of America that make people want to come here. This will not help us or the Mexicans ...

S.K. Brown, Augusta


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