Originally created 08/31/02

Arab-Americans should separate from terrorists

With reference to the Aug. 22 letter from Isaam Nashashibi, "Profiling not the way to combat terrorism," I, too, thought to write to The Chronicle regarding the Aug. 10 U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood's, R-Ga., guest column,"The deadly side of political correctness," but I concluded that no one in his right mind, only a Muslim extremist, would disagree with the congressman.

I believe that Mr. Norwood is simply trying to identify the enemy. They are Muslims. They are Middle Eastern. They are terrorists. The enemy knows that we cannot prosecute a war against him if we cannot identify him, and that cowardly obscurity is fundamental to terrorism. Mr. Nashashibi knows this as well. Where do his loyalties lie? If they are with America, wouldn't it be far better for this American-Arab spokesman to decry these atrocities and clearly separate his organization from the terrorists before attacking Americans who seek to defend their country? This they have failed to do.

Identification is hardly profiling in its political sense. These are, in fact, the very people who have murdered many thousands of innocents in repeated sneak attacks against anyone who does not agree with their distorted religious fanaticism.

Our civilization requires that we cannot attack at will, and that we have to have a known enemy, preferably in uniform. Theirs apparently does not. It is in their interest to remain unidentified. Call it profiling if you like; let's do it.

David T. Pitts, Augusta


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