Originally created 08/25/02

Assessment Q&A

Q: I just got my annual assessment notice from the Richmond County Appraisal Office, and it says my home or property is worth more than I think it is. Can I do anything about it?

A: Yes, you can appeal that decision to the Board of Tax Assessors.

Q: How do I go about making an appeal?

A: You must file one in writing to the Board of Tax Assessors, in Room 102 of the municipal building at 530 Greene St. Appeals also can be mailed, but they cannot be made over the telephone.

Q: How long do I have to contest my assessment?

A: The deadline for appeals is Sept. 16.

Q: Does appealing mean I'll automatically get a lower property value?

A: No, each home or parcel is checked out in person by a city tax appraiser, who will - using information provided in your appeal - try to determine if the appraisal is accurate.

Q: Is there any chance my appraised value could go up because of an appeal?

A: Yes. If, during an appraiser's on-site visit, an improvement or addition is discovered that has not been recorded in your property records, your home's value could increase.

Q: What are valid reasons for making an appeal?

A: Appeals can be made based on three arguments:

  • A lack of uniformity with values in the surrounding area
  • A lack of taxability because of condemnation or nonprofit status
  • An erroneous value because of damage or dilapidation
  • Q: What if my appeal is denied by the tax assessor?

    A: You may then choose to appeal either to the county Board of Equalization or to arbitration, and in either case to the Richmond County Superior Court.

    Q: What if I just have a question about my assessment notice, but I'm not sure I want to appeal it?

    A: You can call the city appraisal office at 821-2310 or visit the office for more information.


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