Originally created 08/25/02

Southern writers' latest works offer humor, insight

In her second novel for MIRA Books, Hot Shot, South Carolina author Charlotte Hughes crafts a humorous tale of first-rate cop Francis "Frankie" Daniels who's biggest downfall might just be her uncontrollable mouth.

The Atlanta police detective finds her career in a downward spiral when she's banished to a small South Carolina town after sleeping with her partner, who just happens to be married to the police commissioner's daughter.

Things turn from bad to worse when she arrives in the town to find her just-rented home burned to the ground. It isn't long before Frankie acquaints the locals with her sharp tongue. First on her list: the good ol' boy at the scene. Little does she know he's the town's police chief and her new boss.

Hot Shot follows Frankie's journey from a cop who thinks she has something to prove to a detective chasing a puzzling murder case in a present-day Mayberry.

The book is available for $6.50 wherever paperbacks are sold.

Reflections of a World of Reality, a collection of motivational poems from Augusta native Rod Hollimon, has been re-released in a revised version, which includes a new cover, an autobiographical introduction and commentaries on each poem.

Mr. Hollimon, now an Emmy award-winning producer at TBS Superstation, was born to a 14-year-old mother and 17-year-old father. After living with his grandmother until her death when he was 10 years old, Mr. Hollimon was left homeless. He lived with his crack-addicted father until he abandoned him and an uncle took in the 12-year-old.

Writing poetry helped him live through the experience. The book is a collection of those poems.

Reflections of a World of Reality is available for $12.50 from Atlanta-based Urban Thought Books. To order a copy, visit the Web site at urbanthoughtbooks.com or call at (404) 668-0940.


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