Originally created 08/25/02

Bragdon cares, deserves support

I am writing this letter to defend Dr. Bonnie Bragdon, director of Augusta's Animal Control facility.

She does not work for the money; she works for the animals. I have worked for people who cared only about the money they were going to make off each case. It is sad, yet true, that there are people like that out there with a degree in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Bragdon is not one of them.

She is a very compassionate person who would go out of her way to help someone. All the stuff you hear about the shelter is not always true. The water bowls might have been empty, but when there is overcrowding you have a lot of puppies in a cage. They are going to play with each other and knock the bowls over. I'm sure that if Dr. Bragdon knew they were empty, she would have filled them up herself.

I worked with Dr. Bragdon before she made the decision to go to Animal Control. She is the most caring and understanding vet and animal control director I know.

The media, public and other veterinarians need to give her positive support instead of always being negative. We need to thank all the volunteers at Animal Control and support the facility's staff.

Most importantly, we need to support Dr. Bragdon.

Melinda Brandon, Hephzibah, Ga.


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