Originally created 08/25/02

Sen. Walker a force for change

State Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, and I were classmates in elementary and high school. Some of us considered him during those early years as being a little different than most. He seemed to have had a burning ambition to get ahead and take others along with him.

The senator is a perfect example of someone striving for the American dream and winning. He is a man who came from very humble origins, faced discrimination, and conquered being black and poor while rising to the second-highest state elective position.

Now that he has obtained that position, he has not forgotten where he came from. Unlike many other local, state and federal politicians, Sen. Walker is often successful in improving the livelihoods of many Georgia residents.

Augustans are much better off because of his noble work. Sen. Walker prevented a medical facility's closing that would have had a major impact on the disfavored.

He is responsible for more than $60 million for the Augusta Neighborhood Improvement Corp. The money contributed because of Sen. Walker's work exceeded $90 million.

ANIC has revitalized, and continues to revitalize, an entire community that had fallen from grace decades ago. Because of ANIC, entire neighborhoods are changing. Some people who never envisioned owning a home of their on are now realizing the American dream. There is an attitude of positive self-esteem and pride in the newly developed areas.

E.L. Thomas Jr., Augusta


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