Originally created 08/24/02

Christianity is the wrong medicine

This is in response to Timothy Fellows Jr.'s July 29 letter, "God's our cure, not a false religion." His accusation that modern medicine is witchcraft is a great example of religious irrationality.

Modern medicine has done more to benefit the health of people than any "faith healing" or other such metaphysical concepts.

If there are any "witch doctors," they are the so-called "faith healers" who claim that their religious "magic" can heal people.

If Mr. Fellows likes the Dark Ages so much, then he should go to Third World countries - which are foul, diseased, stinking pits like Europe was in the Dark Ages.

There are many countries in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa that have even higher percentages of Christians than the United States, yet they suffer from rampant disease and famine.

Ironically, the "Bible Belt," the area with the highest concentration of Christians in America, has the highest levels of obesity, illness, illiteracy, spousal abuse and other such things.

Then, there's Japan. They are in excellent health, experience little disease and have the world's longest life expectancy - not to mention one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Guess what religions they practice?

Mr. Fellows' put-down of evolution was no surprise, either. His affection for the Dark Ages reflects this, as said period's science consisted of - among other things - the false idea that the Earth was at the center of the universe.

However, it doesn't matter what he believes. Evolution is a fact. Scientific theory stands or falls on one thing only: whether it agrees with the observations of nature, and since our observations tell us that all life, including humans, descended from earlier species, then evolution is true.

As far as the last sentence in his letter, "But as for me, I'll take the God of the Bible, who created the heavens and the earth and will very shortly cure this world of all enemies of truth, life and righteousness," he sounded just like Adolf Hitler, who was also a Christian.


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