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Teen Board members say goodbye

First there were 20. Then there were 15. Then seven, and finally only four remain.

This year's Xtreme Teen Board never stopped working. They were an endless source for story ideas, and they wrote and reported for Xtreme - no small feat for teens who also faced full days of school and extracurricular activities.

The 2001-02 Teen Board has been one of the most successful to date. But the time has come when a new era on the board must begin. Below, four teen board members say their farewells to Xtreme readers. See next week's section for an introduction to the 2002-03 Xtreme Teen Board.

Chelsey Willis, a rising senior at Lincolnton County High School

This past year has been interesting, to say the least. I never knew how wonderful of a time I would have writing for the section.

The people I met through this opportunity are some of the most unique people I've met - unique in a good way. They've provided some great topics of discussion, amazing insight on stories and helped me with problems. I consider these people to be some of my greatest friends, and I'm privileged to have gotten the chance to spend the past year working with them.

Being on the Xtreme board was the experience of a lifetime. It has allowed me to blend my two passions - writing and entertainment - through reviews and helped me learn more about the interviewing process.

Although meeting deadlines was hard work and tested my dedication, I had a blast. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Thanks for allowing me to write for you, and I hope you've enjoyed it in return.

Allison Young, a rising senior at Evans High School

Being on the board convinced me to be in journalism when I grow older - note, I didn't say grow up. I have a greater appreciation for my experience on the board and wouldn't trade it for anything. Plus, I have to be honest, it looks good on college applications.

I'll miss all my fellow board members, or at least the ones that showed up. To all my adoring fans out there - there probably aren't many - I'll still be writing for Xtreme. If you ever see an Evans High band article, you'll know who it's from. I mean, I have to look out for my favorite people on this planet. I'll also do other things. I may not be on the board, but I'll be back.

Jessi Stephens, a rising senior at Lakeside High School

I thought the teen board was a fulfilling experience, not to mention a good chance to flex my writing muscles. I enjoyed meeting everyone that passed my way on the board and the chances I had to write for a REAL NEWSPAPER.

Jay James, a rising freshman at The University of Georgia

I would like to thank Margaret Weston, the first Xtreme reporter I met, for bringing me onto the board, a most awesome and truly gnarly experience.

I want to thank Alisa DeMao for continuing on and for putting up with my antics for two years.

Lastly, I want to thank the teen board for my two years here. In all honesty, you guys have really made the meetings fun. It was of the utmost pleasure working alongside each of you, and I will hold each of you in the dearest of memories.

I bid the incoming board congratulations. The board will be the greatest thing to happen to you. In every aspect, in every moment, in every step I take, I will look back on the board and smile.


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