Originally created 08/13/02

Drinkers contribute to carnage

When will the carnage end? You may think I am talking about terrorism or gun violence or road rage or child molestation. No, none of the above. I am talking about the carnage caused by drinking liquor.

In the last few weeks we have seen three young brothers and two innocent ladies killed as a result of alcohol. Sadly, the odds that these ladies would be killed by a drunken driver were much higher than being killed by Osama bin Laden.

During the past 60-plus years, I have seen time and time again how liquor has taken innocent lives, destroyed families and cost our society hundreds of millions of dollars - yet no one seems to care.

Even as I write this letter, our city leaders are giving in to the drunks so they can dominate the First Friday festivities which were established to be a family-friendly affair.

What a joke. The Augusta Chronicle conducted a telephone poll about the use of open containers of alcohol on the streets during First Friday, and Augusta's drunks won the poll by more than 2 to 1.

When someone threatens our Pledge of Allegiance, we hear an outcry from the pulpit to the mayor's office, yet these same people are very quiet when it comes to speaking out about the evils of alcohol.

The reason nothing is being done about this blight on our society is that most people either drink, or see nothing wrong with drinking. Many pastors won't preach about the evil of alcohol because many of their church members see nothing wrong with drinking a beer or glass of wine.

Well, I believe everyone who purchases a can of beer or drinks a glass of wine or swallows a shot of whiskey is supporting the liquor industry and is contributing to the carnage we see every day.

The Rev. Paul L. Cook, Augusta


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