Originally created 08/13/02

Georgia must pay a living wage

It was with shame and embarrassment that I read the July 25 Augusta Chronicle article about the legislative committee chairwoman of the Society for Human Resource Management. She advocated Georgia legislation for employers to pay less than a living wage ("Activist warns against laws that cost employers more," Page 10A).

Does she really think businesses should only pay minimum wage, which was originally designed for teen-agers? Our nation is number one in millionaires and billionaires in the world.

To pay the head of a household a wage that is not livable is immoral and contributes to our society becoming the first in history in which the poorest group in the population is the children.

At one time, slavery was good for business too. Isn't advocating such proposed legislation practicing something like it again?

Folks, there is a connection, and to have her urge that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is one more example of the current atmosphere of excessive greed, which has contributed to the decline in moral values - Enron, MCI, you name it. One way or another, we taxpayers will pay for such a regressive policy. Surely, Georgia can do better.

Toby Tomasi, Augusta


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