Originally created 08/13/02

Young ducks taking responsibility

Regarding Joe Nirenberg's Aug. 5 letter, "Young does OK with what he works with," in support of Augusta Mayor Bob Young:

Mr. Nirenberg asserts that Mr. Young is "the best thing that ever happened to Augusta" and that he "has done a great job..."

I am not sure what Mr. Nirenberg is smoking, but it must be some good stuff based on his assessment of Mr. Young's job performance.

Ask any of the riverfront property owners who had millions of dollars of damage done to their land because of a river drawdown that Mr. Young asked for; or the mayor of Washington, D.C., about Mr. Young's glowing (and, self-admittedly, false) endorsement of former Fire Chief Ronnie Few; or the EZ-GO employees, who saw their jobs moved to Charlotte, N.C., after Mr. Young publicly insulted EZ-GO while at a Columbia County Club Car event, if they agree with Mr. Nirenberg's assessment. I am sure you will find the truth quite the opposite.

Mr. Nirenberg closes by saying, as people, "We make mistakes," and that "It's how we deal with our mistakes that makes up who we really are."

I agree with him on that one, but Mr. Young has never apologized for any of his mistakes or acted to set things right that he screwed up. Mr. Young has instead shifted blame, and never been man enough to accept personal responsibility for any of his many mistakes.

Brad Owens, Augusta


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