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Jitterbugs to catfish to camels - postcards have it all

The murals in restaurants are on par with the food in museums.

- Peter De Vries

Some people know how to live. Other people know how to travel.

For example, Ken and Phyllis Badke, Patsy Spivey, Jeanne Crawford and Irene Shore send a series of postcards from Oklahoma, where they are attending a Korea ex-POW convention.

And just to show he can still have a good time, Ken (who will be 80 this month) won the jitterbug contest.

Way to go, Ken!

Most of us know that TV's fictional "Mayberry, N.C.," was based on Andy Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy. Well, Bob and Cindy Bolton of North Augusta send a postcard showing "Mayberry," where they report: "Ate at the diner and visited Floyd's barber shop. Almost feel like you're in the show. Goober says Hey from Wally's Service Station. Really nice people here. America as it should be."

If you want America as it used to be, ask Claire and Joel, who sent a postcard from Amish country, where, they noticed, "you can smell the horse before you see the horse and buggy on the road." They also sent a card from Chicago inviting us to look for them in the audience of Oprah.

A little farther north is Dr. Gene Pollock, who writes from Canada: "We are 13 fisherman from Washington, Ga., on a last-gasp trip to the Yukon for fishing. It is wonderful!! Fishing is easy."

(Dr. Pollock, I hope that "last gasp" business is about the fish.)

Not to be outdone in the fishing department, Rob (age 6) and his dad, Wally Evans, were visiting family in the Kansas City area, where "Rob caught four bluegill and a humongous channel catfish at his Uncle Rod's pond!"

Nell Osterman of Martinez sends "greeting to Augusta" from Saudi Arabia. "It's a long way from home but the camels travel pretty fast! No bacon here, but plenty of mutton burgers."

You probably won't find many mutton burgers in Columbia County, but that doesn't stop Brenda Godbee and Gary Hardy from sending a postcard showing Laurel and Hardy and suggesting that "you can take vacation in beautiful, downtown Harlem," the birthplace of Oliver Hardy.

Dawn, Mark and Ashley Titter send one of those rare postcards from Delaware, and another showing a Philadelphia pretzel. (They write: "Looks so good, you can almost taste it!")

I think they're right. It might even go with a mutton burger.

* * *

TODAY'S JOKE: Walker Smith of Thomson passes this one along.

A professional semi driver got caught under an overhead bridge. He got out and scratched his cap trying to figure a way to get his truck out.

Within minutes a policeman pulled up behind him, got out of his cruiser then walked up and said: "What's wrong, mister? Are you stuck?"

"Nah," the driver said calmly. "I was delivering this bridge and lost the address."

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