Originally created 08/12/02

TV Lookout: highlights (and lowlights) for the week

The play "True West" can lay claim to many distinctions: More beer is swilled by just two characters ... more stolen toasters stack up ... and more histrionics occur in a kitchen than in probably any other play you can name.

See for yourself, as Bruce Willis stars in Sam Shepard's dark comedy of sibling rivalry on Showtime.

In this spirited production, which was taped live at the Liberty Theatre in Hailey, Idaho, Willis plays Lee, a drunken drifter and career thief who strikes a sharp contrast to his younger brother Austin (Chad Smith), a family man and up-and-coming Hollywood screenwriter.

Or are they really so different? As the hours pass in the kitchen of their mother's Southern California home (where Austin is housesitting while Mom is away), their identities make some startling reversals.

Chad Smith and Danielle Kennedy also star in this production by the Company of Fools theater company. It premieres Monday at 8 p.m. EDT.

Other shows to watch, or watch out for:

- "Love, Hate & Joy" brings Joy Behar to cable's ABC Family channel for a series of five half-hour specials taking a comedic look at the many faces of love. Each program teams Behar (a co-host of ABC's daytime talk show "The View) with a celebrity guest. Sunday, she discusses Dating with actress-comedian Janeane Garofalo. Monday, it's Sex with rock star Gene Simmons. Tuesday: Marriage with humorist Al Franken. Wednesday: Cheating with actor George Hamilton. And Thursday: Divorce with entertainer Whoopi Goldberg. Each program airs at 10:30 p.m.

- A pooch trains his owners on "Beware of Dog," billed as Animal Planet's first sitcom (what, there might be more?). It all starts when cuddly, calculating Jack schemes his way into the Poole household, where he'll prove to be a precocious member of the family (he even serves as narrator). The cast includes Richard Waugh, Carolyn Dunn, Alex Appel, Gage Knox - with Chip as star of what is clearly a pet project. It premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m.

- Marking the 25th anniversary weekend of Elvis Presley's death, NBC airs "Loving You," the King's second film, in a newly restored and digitally re-mastered version of the 1957 release. Presley plays Deke Rivers, a delivery boy by trade and a singer by heart who is catapulted to fame by hard-boiled publicist Glenda Markle (Lizabeth Scott). Also starring Wendell Corey and Dolores Hart, the film will be broadcast in high definition television (HDTV), which NBC says is a first for an Elvis Presley feature film. Don't you feel all shook up? Airs Saturday at 8 p.m.


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