Originally created 08/12/02

When Jones speaks, everyone should listen

It is very refreshing to see young black men from our community in leadership positions and running for office. I am referring to attorney Harold Jones II. He has a quiet demeanor but when he speaks, everyone listens.

I asked him to speak to a group of rising high school seniors in the Upward Bound program from Paine College. In spite of his busy schedule, he did not hesitate to give me a positive response.

We (CSRA Toastmasters) have worked with these Upward Bound students for the past five years in effective communication and leadership. At the end of the program, we seek outstanding young men and women as role models to speak to these rising seniors about how they made it through college and how they obtained their career goals.

Attorney Jones outdid himself. He not only told the students what he was doing for a living but also that he had gotten there through perseverance, hard work and, as he so elegantly stated, by "just showing up."

When I asked Mr. Jones to speak to the group, I had no idea that he and I were both in District 97. I cannot tell anyone whom to vote for because, as Americans, we make our own choices. But if you hear of an event in which Mr. Jones is speaking, please go and listen to what he has to say. It will be well worth your time and, like me, you will vote for him on Aug. 20 as state representative for Georgia District 97.

J. McGrady, Augusta


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