Originally created 08/12/02

Two strikes, she's almost out

Your July 26 editorial, "New shelter woes," regarding conditions at Richmond County Animal Control, reminded me of having heard Dr. Bonnie Bragdon on Austin Rhodes' show and the harsh tone that came across in discussing the animals kept in the shelter.

Now we learn that the Georgia Department of Agriculture has rendered a second unfavorable report on conditions at the shelter.

It is certainly understood that the shelter is too small and in poor condition for the number of animals being cared for; however, it is not understood how anyone could allow animals to exist in sweltering heat without water in their bowls and without existing fans being turned on. These are basic minimal comfort items that do not require a lot of thought or labor to provide ...

A picture is forming in my mind of a person who has the training to be a tremendous help to the unfortunate animals that end up in the shelter, but who lacks the basic caring attitude that is absolutely necessary for the position she holds.

I would like to hear Dr. Bragdon's explanation for why the water and fan issues were allowed to happen. If it happened twice, as your editorial suggests, she should be severely reprimanded and placed on probation. I assume this is City Administrator George Kolb's employee.

Holley Renno, Augusta


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