Originally created 08/07/02

Blasts defense of son charged in wreck

I have just read the comment of Ann Fulcher about her son, David Wallace Fulcher (Aug. 1 news article, "Driver charged in wreck had prior DUI conviction") and I quote, "But it ain't like he's the only one in Richmond County that drives and drinks. He just got caught."

Does that make him the victim? Or maybe, in her mind, does that make what he did all right?

How heartless and unfeeling can anyone get? Her son allegedly just killed two people, and that is all she can say? Besides, he drove without insurance and this is not his first offense. And all she can say is that "He just got caught." What would she say if it was some other drunken driver killing her mother or other relative?

This just makes my blood boil. I only hope that God will have mercy on both their souls.

M.H. Casalino, Augusta


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