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AUG. 7, 1953

Two indictments in the often violent Augusta bus strike were returned yesterday by the Richmond County grand jury against two striking drivers who are accused of assault with intent to murder.

Indicted were Winifred Simpson and D.D. Massey. Mr. Simpson was arrested June 27 when he allegedly clubbed Arthur Carter, a nonunion driver, after first forcing him to leave the bus.

In the meantime, Augusta Coach buses completed a full week of operations yesterday without incident, violence apparently having completely disappeared from the local bus strike scene.

Union pickets remain on duty, in the same positions they took up approximately a month-and-a-half ago when the company restored service using non-union drivers for a period of 33 days.


Five activities that hurt your knees:

  • Full squats
  • Running downhill
  • Climbing stairs two at a time
  • Exercising on hard surfaces

  • Wearing high heels regularly

    Better Homes and Gardens magazine reports several common warning signs that indicate your child might be having a serious problem:

  • Unprovoked aggression, especially if it occurs shortly after the end of the school day, often reflects frustration about what happened in school.
  • You should be concerned if your child avoids activities that involve competition or if he or she suddenly drops an activity which previously held a lot of interest.
  • If your child has very little energy, loses interest in doing things he or she previously enjoyed or is often tearful and sad, be sure to take these signs seriously. They often mean that your child is feeling he or she can't do anything you value or appreciate.
  • When your children complain that something isn't fair, listen to determine if they have a legitimate complaint.

    If you take iron supplements, wait at least 90 minutes before drinking tea. According to Prevention magazine, the tannins in tea can prevent your body from fully absorbing the iron.


    Question: I'm getting divorced, and I'm not sure how I should change my life insurance policy, or whether I need one. I want my children, not my ex-spouse, to be the beneficiaries, but they're too young.

    Answer: Generally, the spouse who is paying alimony and/or child support should have life insurance to cover his or her financial obligations should he or she die. Although life insurance is not a legal requirement, it's not unheard of for divorce decrees to contain a provision directing one party (usually whoever pays the alimony or child support) to buy and maintain a life policy.

    To avoid complications concerning who gets the cash value of such a policy, you might want to consider buying term insurance instead of whole life for this particular circumstance. Decreasing term might be a viable alternative, assuming that the financial dependence of your children will decrease as they grow up. If you choose whole life, the disbursement (if any) of the cash value can be predetermined at the time of divorce, or a judge can determine who gets what percent later on. You might want to get your agent's opinion on which coverage will best suit your needs.

    If you have children 18 or younger and want to name them as beneficiaries, you will need to set up some kind of trust to keep the funds safe until they 18. If you don't trust your ex-spouse, you could choose another relative, a friend, an attorney or even a bank as trustee. However, banks and attorneys usually charge a fee for such service, which can add up over the years. Again, you may want to consult your agent or a certified financial planner for more advice.


    Tips for preventing tick bites include:

  • Avoid ticks' preferred habitat: wooded, brushy areas.
  • Use tick repellent and check for ticks frequently.
  • Wear long pants and a long-sleeve shirt when going into areas ticks may be present.
  • Remove attached ticks promptly by using tweezers and pulling gently.

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