Originally created 08/07/02

Spears works for the people of Dist. 1

I have been a resident of Columbia County for 19 years and am thankful for the leadership that has moved our progressive county forward. I have also known Frank Spears, our District 1 commissioner for the same number of years, and have had the privilege of working with him on several boards and committees during this period of time.

I know Mr. Spears to be a hard-working, diligent individual who studies the issues and works on behalf of all the people of Columbia County. Mr. Spears takes his job as county commissioner seriously and has a great respect for the values that we hold so dearly in our county.

It is a great feeling to know we have individuals like Frank Spears among our county commissioners who do not have a self-serving agenda. I am proud of our commissioners, I am proud of Mr. Spears and I am proud to be a Columbia County resident. I hope voters will support Mr. Spears come election time.

LaVander Land, Evans, Ga.


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