Originally created 08/07/02

Male hormones cause kidnappings

My heart goes out to the children who have been kidnapped, raped and murdered. It is difficult to imagine the terrifying experiences these little ones suffered. And what about the pain and agony their parents must endure?

Many say, Why? What's wrong with society today? It's so simple. Male hormones are turned on. Males get excited, "hot" or whatever terminology you care to use, by what he sees and hears. Raging hormones know no boundaries of morality, decency or religion.

We have allowed the entertainment industry and the news media to flood concerts, movies and many TV programs with pornography and violence. Magazines and newspapers continue to bathe us with all the news about immoral happenings, nudity and drugs. Aren't we interested in better things?

Then we have the audacity to sit back and say, "Oh, my. I wish somebody would do something about this situation."

Wake up, parents. It's time to make your voices heard. Help clean up the environment that is costing children their precious little lives. The next child could be yours.

Earl McCombs, North Augusta, S.C.

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