Originally created 08/06/02

Corporate shows variety on debut CD

Leaving Through The Window

ARTIST: Something Corporate

MEMBERS: Brian Ireland, drums and percussion; Andrew McMahon, organ and piano, vocals; Josh Partington, guitar; William Tell, guitar; and Patrick Warren, chamberlain and organ



What a great time we're living in, when you can rock along with some great punk music and be soothed by the sweet melodic sounds of a piano at the same time. Something Corporate takes the time and effort to rise above the lameness of most piano music and adds some decent lyrics and ripping guitar licks to the mix.

Each track on its debut CD, Leaving Through the Window, is skillfully crafted to elicit varied responses. One song is mellow and laid-back to relax your mind into a state of nonthinking. The next is a mini-party for your cerebral cortex, with pop hooks, enthusiastic percussion and guitar play that powers up your own air-guitar.

Among the 14 stellar tracks, the best is Punk Rock Princess, which blends pumping vibes that make your foot stomp with hauntingly delivered lyrics that balance the extremely pop-ish chorus. Also notable is Cavanaugh Park, which is sung low-key - even the chorus is soothing, although it sounds a bit like something Kermit the Frog would sing.

Leaving Through the Window is a must-have. It doesn't matter which type of music you like - this album has a little of everything.

Teen board member Jay James, 18, is a rising freshman at the University of Georgia in Athens.


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