Originally created 08/06/02

Georgia Games not helpful to city

I was disappointed with the Georgia Games wrestling held at Cross Creek High School. The contestants were not treated fairly, the school lost money on the event and I suspect taxpayers will bear the burden of the games.

Participants in folk-style wrestling were cheated out of $30 for a USA wrestling card. This card was not required, but participants were told they must have it to participate.

Basically, Georgia Games stole from participants. People associated with the Games knew the card wasn't needed, but didn't say so until after the matches were over.

Another complaint is that the school did not receive any portion of the money collected. An excess of $3,000 was collected in entry fees in two days. Who gets this money? Some of the money should stay at the school to offset all of the time and energy spent preparing for the games ...

The people - who transported equipment, set up tables and chairs, and ran all over town doing odd jobs for the school staff - did it to benefit Cross Creek. These people, just like the wrestlers, are victims of the Georgia Games.

I don't have any idea what the county spent preparing facilities or providing security, but I am curious to know if taxpayers are expected to pay the bill.

Custodians were at the school, and the recreation department had a half dozen paid employees in the gym. The sheriff's department had at least two officers in the building. All were probably on weekend overtime. Taxpayers, just like wrestlers and volunteers, are victims of the Georgia Games.

From my perspective, the games has not helped my community. Perhaps we don't need the games here if it drains the community of its good will and finances.

I do not feel that I wasted two days of my life working at Cross Creek. I would do it again if it helped people in my community. However, I will not do it again for people who do not care about me, my neighbors or my community.

Guy Lane, Hephzibah, Ga.


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